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We are a damsel in distress photography studio located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.

This page is a place we can provide you links to our other places online and give you news about what we having going on- maybe even occasionally a special something we don’t do anywhere else.

So if you want to see our content, we have both a Patreon page and an OnlyFans page. You can find links to both below. To sum up- the Patreon is a monthly subscription where we offer tiers or $1,$5, $10, $15 and a massive archive tier that has almost 2,000 photos and over 120 videos- all for $27. If you visit our page there’s even a free video of on of our models tied to a chair explaining the tiers. You should go check it out.

Our OnlyFans is free to follow and we will offer similar content but on a pay as you go per post basis. It’s won’t have the massive archive, but we will occasionally make certain posts from that archive available on OnlyFans as separate posts. It’s free, so why not go join?

The reason we’re doing both Patreon and OnlyFans is offer you varity. Not everyone can or wants to support in the same way, so we want to offer as much flexibility as possible for you to enjoy what we do!

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