March brings us the return of one of our most popular models, Allie, in a no-nonsense story were it is simply her tied up in a blue Star Trek uniform with black stockings. Shot in a local hotel room, Allie is bound lying on the bed, sitting in a chair, out on the balcony for a bit and eventually hogtied on the bed, both gagged and not gagged. As always when shooting with Allie, there was a lot of giggling and laughing during the shoot. The video for this month are accompanied by some space themed back ground music.

Allie is such a fun model to works with, she’s great at what she does and always comes prepared and looking fantastic! She’s also really good at being tied up for long periods of time, but always safely of course. Her popularity with us is unquestioned as the photos of her on IG are some of the highest like totals we have on the account. It’s always great to have her shoot with us!

While she is our featured model this month, she can be found in our Patreon archive on 3 different occasions – As recent as Nov 2020 as a damsel tied up in a park and on a set of train tracks (not working tracks of course). March 2020 as Spy who gets caught by our antagonist Jakob the Clown, while she is wearing a stunning red and black mandarin collar dress. And her first post with us in our December 2019 Christmas special featuring her in a princess dress and a school girl outfit. If you want to see more of her be sure to join our Patreon and if you visit the archive look under #Alexandria.

Don’t worry, we will have her back again for as long as she wants to come back and work with us.

If you’ve seen the set, feel free to leave a comment below if you enjoyed it! (We do ask you keep in friendly and clean)

Thanks for stopping by, supporting us how ever you do, and being a party of Whiplash Studio

-Team Whiplash

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