This month Rachel McAdams makes her debut with Whiplash Studio.

Rachel is a big fan of her home state Bengals, who you may know, reached this year’s Super Bowl. Not only was she excited about the young team making the big game, but she also felt pretty confident they were going to win. So confident of this, when she encounters our very own Jakob the Clown, she didn’t hesitate to engage in a friendly bet with him. “My Bengals win, you’re my personal photographer for a month- the Rams win, you can tie me up for photos and video- I’ll even wear that lingerie you like”. Without hesitation Jakob extended his gloved hand and accepted her terms. 

As the clock stuck zero on the 4th quarter and the Rams were crowned champions, Rachel received a text from Jakob the Clown, ready to collect on their bet. She signed, hating to lose, but collected her promised outfit and headed out to meet him.

Once she arrived and changed in the lingerie, she climbed on the bed and Jakob started off by tying her hands behind her. Snug and a little tight, nothing she couldn’t handle. Maybe it would be a quick and simple shoot she could just power thru, but he quickly gagged her with a bandanna. “Mmmrrrpph” she said when he checked to see if she was ok. Jakob swung her legs around to face him and tied her ankles together. Again, not so bad. She began to struggle a bit as Jakob began taking photos. She then noticed the camera that had recording the whole time, which she agreed to. Well, better ham it up for the camera since this was a simple tied, she was in. 

This only lasted a few minutes though as Jakob decided to add more rope, binding her above and below her knees and a harness around her waist and chest. NOW she was tied much tighter than before and her movement much more restricted. Again though, this was the bet she lost, so back to struggling she went, trying to free her hands with no luck. She squirmed around on the bed seeing if she could loosen her binds at all, failure yet again. She was going to be here until her let her go- she should have set a time limit.

Jakob next moved her over to a chair- this was a little more comfortable. She squirmed again for the camera in a vain effort to free herself. He had pulled a coffee table up so she could rest her legs on it. Still, she struggled against the ropes when after a few minutes he sat her up in the chair. Ah this was a little more comfortable than lying down- wait, what? He approached with a blindfold. Did she agree to a blindfold? She did say whatever he wanted to do, so after he motioned to make sure it was ok to do so, she nodded to proceed. A second later- darkness. Oh, why did her beloved team have to fail her? She again wiggled for the camera and after a few minutes he removed it and took her back to bed for whatever he had planned next. 

Surprisingly he just lied her on her belly after removing the blindfold. More photos and video as she just rolled side to side for a bit. After about 10mins or so, Jakob wrapped some more rope around her ankles and pulled her feet back into a hogtie. She should have know this was coming and well, being she was still being filmed, Rachel decide to make a show of it. She rolled over, pulled on the tie, arched up her body while on her back. Anything she could think of and was actually able to do, she did what she could while in this restrain.

She was getting tired though and settled back down to where she was lying on her stomach. They had to be done soon, right? Before she could mumble the question thru her gag, the blindfold was back on. Gagged, blindfolded, hogtied. There’s not much she could do know. She struggled about more, rolled around a bit, and eventually just gave up for the day. After a bit, Jakob took off the blindfold and gag and just left her in the room. Rachel looked around for him to return, but he was seemingly just gone. At least she could see and speak and took a moment to address the camera and thank them for supporting Whiplash Studio. Hopefully, Jakob would return soon to let her go, hopefully. Stupid Bengals… they’ll get them next year!

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