Hello and thanks for stopping by our little corner of the world wide web!

We are Whiplash Studio, a Texas based photography and video production studio that specializes in Damsel in Distress themed/bondage style videos and photos. Our nitch is non-nude story telling with models in either costumes or dresses and skirts meant to give a hint of a pinup feel. Fun, silly stories reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons or old school film noir movies.

The key word in all of this is fun!

We started in 2007 in the hopes of launching our own website. It was going to be a monthly subscription page featuring photos models in the damsel in distress theme. We even went to a Fetish Con in Florida and meet some great people and took some great photos. Alas on our return to Texas things did not work out as we wanted, we were unable to make our page for various reasons and eventually after a few years, Whiplash Studio went dormant.

Along comes social media and bam! Now there are platforms to do it for us. So we slowly began shooting again, introduced our story protagonist and “Founder” Jakob the clown (his story coming soon) and then started posting w Instagram and began a following there before going to Twitter. We then started offering content thru Patreon. Now we’ve opened an OnlyFans account as well to offer you different ways to see our videos and photos!

Who knows, maybe one day this site will host all the content itself! For now though, find our photos and videos thru the link on the main page and we hope you enjoy our silliness!

Team Whiplash